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"Trombone Powerhouse" ~Capitol Bop

Terry Hsieh is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and session arranger from Durham, North Carolina who currently lives and works in Taiwan. He graduated in 2012 from Oberlin College and Conservatory under the tutelage of the great Robin Eubanks.​ He founded the Beijing Blue Note Jazz Orchestra in 2016, as well as the modern jazz septet The Terry Hsieh Collective. Currently, he leads the Spice Cabinet, a multi-genre funk/jazz/electronic ensemble, as well as continuing to serve as a session arranger and recording artist across Asia.

He has recorded for and performed with notable artists across Asia that include:

Karen Mok 莫文蔚 Tan Weiwei 谭维维 Tia Ray 袁娅维

A-Lin 黄丽玲 Chris Lee 李宇春 Matzka 

Leah Dou 窦靖童 Sue 苏运莹 Tizzy Bac 鐵支貝克

Mr Miss 先生小姐 Sam Lee 李聖傑 Terry Lin林志炫


and many others


Hsieh leads the 11-piece instrumental pop/funk/jazz ensemble "The Spice Cabinet" which combines jazz-inspired instrumental improvisation with the familiar sounds of pop music to create genre-bending takes on classic songs, informally called "Deathbop".

Awarded the City Weekend 2016 Editor's Choice Award for Band of the Year, SpiceCab (as they are informally known) is a dance party of wild energy and abandon.

Their freshman album “Full Metal Spice Packet” condenses the rabid energy of a two-hour show into a there-and-back car drive-length album packed with dance music and slow jams. With an international vision of modern music,


Hsieh and SpiceCab meld Funk, Bebop, Fusion, R&B, Classical and even Spaghetti Western cinema together to form a musical worldview that is epic in its playful and rambunctious explorations of culture, style and composition in their forthcoming release "The Adventures of Pie Boy"

*Fresh Music Award 2021 Nominated* 

Best Band & Top Ten Albums of 2021

Adventures of Pie Boy Cover B.png



As Leader

  • The Spice Cabinet 五香放克乐团 ; The Adventures of Pie Boy, 2020

  • The Spice Cabinet 五香放克乐团; Full Metal Spice Packet; 2018

  • The Terry Hsieh Collective ; Multiplicity, 2014

As  BrassBird Horns (Trombone, Trumpet)

  • Sis 《朝酒晚舞》2021

  • NEO/Nia Yang 《Hollywood Ave》 2021

  • 胖球 & 斯拉《愛一下 Love Ya》2021

  • Love & Rose 《Intro》2021

  • Love & Rose 《False Negative》2021

  • 莫西子诗 《阿依阿嚒咕》2021

  • Giulia Malaspina 《Lo che amo solo te》 Estate 2021

  • Giulia Malaspina 《Onda su onda》 Estate 2021

  • Giulia Malaspina 《Tintarella di luna》 Estate 2021

  • Giulia Malaspina 《Questa lunga storia d'amore》 Estate; 2021

  • Giulia Malaspina 《Azzurro》 Estate 2021

  • Giulia Malaspina 《Mi sono innamorata di te》Estate 2021

  • Igor Kogan Big Band 《Revival》 2020

  • Benjamin Yuen 袁伟豪 《你與你的另一半》2020

  • Alex Cummings 《Vintage Shindig》2020

  • Leah Dou 《Luv U Alien Feat. Victor Ma》GSG MIXTAPE; 2020


  • TtechMak 《Lonesome Dragon》Synthetic Steps 2020

  • TtechMak 《Dangerous Morons》Synthetic Steps 2020

  • Mr. Miss, 先生小姐《在你的婚礼我多喝了两杯》2019

  • Mr. Miss, 先生小姐《秋别》2016

  • Matzka《大不了就ONE MORE TIME》2019

  • Matzka 《No Way》2019

  • Zhou Xun 周迅《夜来香》1227 2019

  • Super Vocal《冬眠》声入人心第二季 2019

  • Super Vocal《极光》声入人心第二季 2019

  • Xu Jun 许钧 《疯子》《火箭男孩》《没人在这个时候说话》 2018

  • 苏运莹《忧伤少年阳光女孩》幻 2018

  • ​好妹妹乐队 《小雨来得正是时候》2018

  • ​陆虎 《混蛋,笨蛋》2017

  • Mr. Miss你怎么不不上天呢》2016

  • Mr. Miss《男⼈人们伟在我身旁》2016

  • Mr. Miss《晚期拖延症患者》2016

​​As Arranger

  • Tia Ray 袁娅维 《存。不存在》; 《淒美地》2020



Terry plays a Denis Wick 5BS mouthpiece and a BAC Custom Symphonic horn

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